Book Review: Easy Prey by Catherine Lo


Easy Prey by Catherine Lo, 4/5 Stars
Released 10/16, Goodreads

[Jenna] rolled her eyes, ‘Yeah Drew. I bragged about the fact I’d seen my law teacher naked.’

Although they all deny leaking the photos, only three people had access to the photos of Miss Bailey before they were leaked. There’s Jenna, who had the same thing happen to her last year, Mouse, who has a promising future, provided he can find a way to pay for school, and Drew, the charming athlete who’s no stranger to getting racy pictures from girls. It all starts when the unlikely trio are assigned to work together in a group project, but what began as innocuous, spiraled into sexting, catfishing, rumors, and slut shaming.

Easy Prey is outstanding. It’s also messed up as fuck and I love that. It’s dark and edgy, exploring how far three teenagers will go to reach their dreams, or for a laugh, or for revenge. I really enjoyed this book, it was well written and I generally enjoy this kind of dark twisted mess of a mystery. It kept me guessing until the very end, and as someone who reads a lot of thrillers and mysteries, and prides myself at guessing the ending, I loved being surprised.

The only thing I didn’t care for was the alternating perspectives, the point of view shifted between Drew, Jenna, and Mouse. But that was merely a personal preference, and I acknowledge that the alternating perspectives were the best way to tell the story and it was interesting to see the main character’s thought processes as the tension built. Plus it was only three alternating points of view, any more and it would have been unbearable.

I’ve had a hard time deciding whether or not to mention the ending, it was my favorite part of the novel, moving me for liking and enjoying it to totally loving it. In an attempt to not spoil Easy Prey I’ll only say that no one is innocent but the punishment fit the crime because hell hath no fury like… well, you can fill in the rest.


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